Friday, June 28, 2013 is LIVE!

This weekend I was privileged to attend Blogging While Brown in New York City. A conference where brown ladies and gents from all cities and states came together for the love of blogging. I took away a lot of gems from this conference but what's most important is the art of unity and coming together to support each other. Your network is truly your net worth so I encourage you all to step out of your element, make at least one new contact a day, support anyone doing something you believe in, and encourage success in those around you. 

With that being said today is a special day for Ms Brittnee Boone. I met her the first day of the conference and I stopped to say hello because I noticed her shoes. Her website is and she contributes her posts to various other local blogs/websites. Check out her story below and be sure to visit her website, bookmark it, subscribe, follow her on Twitter/Instagram for the latest celebrity news straight to your timeline.

Twitter: @ih8mypublicist
Instagram: @ihatemypublicist

"24 year old Brittnee Boone was born and raised in a very small town called Bridgeton, New Jersey. In 2007 she branched out of her element and attended Delaware State University in Dover,DE. With a major in Broadcast Journalism Brittnee walked across the stage proudly during her 2011 commencement ceremony with aspirations of carrying out her dreams as a celebrity blogger. Things didn't quite go as planned right away.

Five months later Brittnee landed her first "real" job in corporate America as a sales assistant. All went well up until September of 2012 when Brittnee hit rock bottom. She felt like she had lost everything from friends to finances. It was a pivotal moment in Brittnee's life she knew she had to make things happen there was no time for self pity. So with her creative mindset and passion for celebrity entertainment writing she birthed the celebrity entertainment website

Brittnee exemplifies the true meaning of what it is to persevere. Brittnee has high hopes of connecting with her readers on a very personal level, especially young females through sharing her own personal experiences and by nurturing them with positivity and motivation.  We love to work with other female brands and are committed to women empowerment. Any female working hard to accomplish their dreams has our utmost support. When things get tough remember "Failure doesn't kill you it increases your desire to make something happen" -Kevin Costner is your new source for celebrity entertainment, fashion and music where we pride ourselves on delivering quality content in the most original way. If you hate your closet, radio and media you are in the right place because you are going to love ours. Sit back, hold on tight and get ready for an all new celebrity entertainment roller coaster experience. Enjoy ! "


Twitter/Instagram: @ms_shady

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