Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Open Letter to Wendy Davis

An Open Letter To Wendy Davis:

THANK YOU. You are an off screen gladiator in a suit. A teenage mother who
graduated from Harvard Law, with HONORS, is a strong woman in general but you went above and beyond, literally standing for what you believe in, and for that I am thankful. I am not a Texas resident. I am not even a fan of Texas legislation. I am also not a fan of the staggering abortion rate in Texas. HOWEVER, I am a WOMAN and I firmly believe in my right to choose. For every one of us that stands strong in support with you there is someone who stands in opposition. There are naysayers who believe your thoughts and opinions are far from genuine and your political outreach is a ploy to increase your political reach.

We live in a country where slavery was once the norm, women are currently underpaid in comparison to their male counterparts and same sex marriage is frowned upon and ruled against. America is not the 'land of the free' it is a stomping ground for big government to impose their thoughts and beliefs on the public. But not last night. Last night big government came close but not close enough. Forty years after a decision was made marking the union of a feminist army and we still demand to be heard over the voices of our peers.

I could go on and on attacking the legitimacy of this proposed legislation but your 13 hours have done us justice. This battle is not over. It is simply the beginning. I applaud you and those who rose on your behalf last night. I ABHOR the fact that people are so ILLIBERAL that they believe pro choice equates to pro abortion. I am not in support of abortion. I am not in opposition of abortion. I am a woman and I simply demand my right to choose. I thank you for speaking on my behalf.

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