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Harlem Shade

havent posted in a long time but now just feels right. i know i said i was going to fix the site but clearly i have forgotten. oh but wait. maybe ur reading this after the site has been updated so u dnt see my struggle. if so, ignore my rant.
anyway I came here to say, i need to get out of philly. i want to move to new york. does everyone experience this urge or is it just me? maybe if u aspire to be a dentist you wanna move to arkansas, a lot of models are flocking to miami, im gonna take myself to the closest version of silicon valley and settle in flatiron. settle at a job not an apartment i couldnt afford to live in flatiron unless i had a sugar daddy and im just not that type of girl. but anyways yes. i want to move. i currently live between two cities. well. no. if my 'roommate' saw that he'd be outraged. i LIVE in philadelphia. i have an entire vacant apartment in philadelphia. why? because im in new york two to three days out of my week. so many job opportunities, s…