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Backstage Banter: Interview with House of Ra'oof and Debonaire Models stylist, Jamal

iSocialite was backstage this weekend at the Charlie Mack Party for Peacefashion show, hosted by Lisa Raye and showcasing the artistic opinions of several local designers. Although these events are for a great cause and many supporters created an engaging atmosphere, the entire weekend was in complete disarray and left us many questions about how the PR & event mangers handled it all. Hopefully next year will be better. Through our own efforts, we got a chance to chat with a stylist for Debonaire Models by the name of Jamal. He gave us some details about their upcoming August Launch and as everything gets finalized iSocialite will keep you updated! Jamal described his style as 'classic sheek' and this was clear in not only the order of his model's clothing, but in his as well. A little camera shy, he didn't want to take a picture but I wish you guys would have been there, he was very dapper! I'd let him dress me any day! Along with him was Dez, of Dezign Your I…

Event Recap: Charlie Mack's Talented Teens Competition

This weekend marks the 8th Annual Charlie Mack Party for Peace Celebrity Weekend! If you don't know who Charlie Mack is or you're unfamiliar with this weekend maybe you haven't looked close enough because its quite difficult to miss this 6'7" 280lb guy. A Philadelphia native and former self proclaimed "hustler", Mack started his party for peace events in 1990 as simply a basketball game. His childhood antics combined with the loss of his two brothers compelled him to assist in making a change to his hometown. He believed that celebrities had an effect on the youth so he invited his friends along to engage in this fun filled game. Mack has now transformed a simple game into a highly anticipated annual event promoting non violence and the importance of education. There was no basketball game this year, however, iSocialite was on hand at the first 'Talented Teens Competition' where five lucky teens were awarded with scholarship money.

It wouldn't…

Hold The Phone: Fiction or Fine?

Woke up this morning and of course the first thing I did was...yes, you guessed it: check my twitter timeline. Well, on my way to the bathroom of course. When my mom wakes up the first thing she does is turn on the news but, I'm 21, Twitter IS my CNN. Needless to say, I was appalled with what I read: Philly To Fine Pedestrians for Walking and Texting. Now ya'll know Twitter kills people (RIP Hugh Hefner?) and if you're from Philly (which I am) the 'slander' is at an all time high. So with fake deaths and no country for nothin' I can't take too many tweets seriously. So of course I did my own research.

Apparently unbeknownst to me, a resident of Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly love (ha!) launched a new program in May entitled, "Give Respect, Get Respect" which is aimed towards eliminating bad behavior on and off the road. I'd vaguely heard about this 'campaign' in the past, it also cracks down on bicyclists who ride on sidewalks. Bu…