Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Just Saying...

So. The Trayvon Martin case is underway. If you're unfamiliar please, move. Folk were outraged at some of the evidence presented thus far, and for a good reason; photos of Martin's dead body at the crime scene was plastered on a projector screen as his parents looked away. Today's testimonies weren't any less demoralizing. Rachel Jeantel took the stand (again). The young woman who was on the phone with Trayvon during his final moments was picked to pieces. Her enunciation was attacked, opening a strong debate between whether she told detectives she "could" or "couldn't" hear some of Martin's last words. We learned of her inability to read cursive handwriting, and we saw her become obviously frustrated. This is all understandable. She's a working class teenage girl. I don't know of her upbringing but I also don't understand why it's important. No sooner than she was sworn in did Twitter attack. Excuse my ratch but, I'm not here for this! A 17 year old BOY lost his life and most of America is concerned with a key witness' level of education. Because your reading level determines how well you listen and comprehend. I forgot. I personally feel sorry for this girl. I couldn't imagine a guy I'm interested in being snatched away from me in such a high profile incident. Especially at that age. Especially if I was the LAST person, aside from his killer, to hear his voice. Jeantel is a CHILD who is being preyed upon. Our judicial system is disgusting. These circumstances are unfortunate. As a college educated, African American female my heart goes out to this young woman during this trying time. 

Now. Enough of that. Let's move on to this chick:


If you don't know who she is Google her. She's not on a box of Cheerios but she's talented.
Well. I thought she was talented. Let me flash back to a couple days ago. LoLo Jones had some, uh, ISSUES clearing the hurdle and then, THIS happened

She came in fifth place, MUCH to her surprise. Then in an effort to leave quick, fast and in a hurry, broke event protocol by leaving through the wrong exit. HONEY.

Misery sure loves company.
It's ok to cry. 

I HATE that some females are so CRITICAL. YES, I categorized. This hussy can't even do what she came to do but she has time to attack others. Whenever Twitter goes crazy it's never Omarion arguing with Bow Wow (remember the Scream Tours, omg!) it's always FEMALES going after other FEMALES. WHY??? Flash back to the MAJOR SHADE Gabby Douglas received over her Olympic hairstyle. Or. Lack of. BUT WHY?? Do we watch too much VH1 so we think demeaning each other is normal? I'm lost. I mean. I'm guilty of it at (RARE) times so if anyone figures out why this happens let me know so I can dead my issue head on. 

Do we all need to get together and burn some bras and hold hands and sing Exhale (Shoop Shoop) ??

I have the album if you guys think that's the answer.

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