Sunday, June 23, 2013

#BWBNYC: 15 Panels in 15 Days!

Hey guys! Blogging While Brown New York City (#BWBNYC) is over but all the tips and info are still FRESH on my mind! I thank Gina for allowing me to be part of the team and I'm SO glad I attended. I met some wonderful people from the talented Karen Civil to the beginning bloggers living in my own city. Gina made sure we stayed on schedule and all the panelists were extremely approachable for questions and pictures. The main thing I took away from this weekend is to be authentic. I am my biggest asset. So I must be the best me that I can be. Which shouldn't be hard because I'm the only me there is!

In staying true to myself I've decided, instead of condensing all this info, I'd much rather touch specifically on what I took away. I sat through fifteen panels so over the next fifteen days I'll be sharing my thoughts and opinions on each individual session. I learned so much from this conference but because you guys weren't there next to me, simply feeding you facts and a reaction gives this information NO justice. It wasn't just fed to me. No monotones and standard facts. I was given personality, and background stories. Information was delivered with laughs and smiles. Struggle was never sugar coated but neither were the benefits of doing something you love. I needed this approach because it helps me to relate to the information and absorb it better. Hopefully my approach in giving my feedback is helpful for someone out there. Feel free to ask me any further questions and if you like what you read I suggest you make your way to Blogging While Brown 2014, back in NYC!

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