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REVIEW: The Academy of Music Presents 'Beauty and the Beast'

Growing up I was obsessed with the concept of 'happily ever after'. I didn't have any evil stepsisters and my mother wasn't murdered by hunters, however, I still daydreamed about the day my prince would rescue me and I too would live 'happily ever after'. 
My favorite fairytale was 'Beauty and the Beast'! And I'm not just saying this for the sake of this review ; I honestly consider this to be a classic love tale. The only way Prince Adam could break the spell Enchantress cast upon him was to learn to love and be loved. Enter Belle, our Beauty, add Gaston, the typical antagonist, and a slew of other characters adding comedic relief and shedding light on this dim tale and here we have 'Beauty and the Beast'. 
The original creators of the Broadway play, the original design team, and the original score have all been meshed together to create a theatrical wonder piece. The animated version literally jumped to life with the scene changes the design…