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At this point in life I have so much I could complain about. School. Work. Family. Love. You name it, I can complain about it. But I won't! Because the flip side of these possible complaints is that for every single one, I can find more than one thing to be thankful for. We ask for so much. I ask for more freelance gigs, I ask God to wake my Adam, I ask God to send me someone to pay my tuition, but I realized I don't need more things to thank him for I need to be more thankful. When I figured this out everything around me began to make more sense. So. Today I wasn't in the best of moods and I felt like my patience was being tried but instead of lashing out I looked up because there's so much to be thankful for I won't waste a second pondering what ifs and why nots, instead I'll be thankful for what I do have, because I know there's more where that came from.

Ten Things I'm Thankful For

1. God. The power of prayer. The FAITH I have in his actions. 

2. Friends. I won't name names but I guarantee you that at least one of my friends is better than two of yours put together.

3. Sales. I love a bargain. Sales are amazing. I wouldn't have a lot of the stuff I have had it not been for a sale.

4. Red Bull. Well energy drinks period. People always ask do they really help, and they do. Not for long. And sometimes the crash is REAL, but without energy drinks I probably would have slept some amazing moments away.

5. Happy Hour. This can be related to number 3 in a way but there's nothing better than quality liquor sold cheap. Period. It's not up for debate.

6. Wifi. Especially if you have AT&T &ur not Grandfathered in. MAN. The struggle is REAL.

7. Student Discount. This can go back to number 3 as well. I love discounts. Girls High, Penn State, CCP, MontCo, Temple, CHC, CUNY, Hard Knocks, which school ID would you prefer?

8. Music. Such an amazing creation. The words, the melody. I love everything about music. I even loved a DJ once but I'll save that story for my memoirs.

9. Caller ID. It's crazy how when we were younger we just used to answer calls without screening them!

10. LIFE. I wake up, I live. I can live reckless, I can play it safe, I can make a wrong decision, I can learn from my mistakes. I lost two people close to my heart in one month. They can't live. Jesus died for our sins. I have a sound mind and solid savings. I have no excuse to not live and every reason to.

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